Keniece Ford

Feminine Wellness Specialist & Sacred Sex Educator

Yoni Specialist - Knowledgeable in all things yoni, a Sanskrit word for vagina, Keniece’s work seeks to remind the world of the power and magic of our sacred portals. There are many working parts to the female anatomy beyond sex and birth that expand deep into the heart and spirit. Sex is an intricate part of the connection between the yoni and the heart. Female sexuality has proven to be one of our greatest utilities.

Keniece understands that many women still have a skewed idea of the benefits and nature of our sensuality because of the taboo’s around sex. We do not fully understand the technology nor mechanics of our sexual anatomy. This unfortunately has for centuries rendered us dis-empowered and unhealthy. According to some of the world’s oldest cultures, sexual activity and the cultivation of sexual energy generates youthfulness and promotes “immortality” (long life).

I started offering yoni massage 3 years ago after learning the benefits of the work and realizing how many women shyed away from it becasue it was often times offerd by men. Some women come to this work seeking to help shift imbalances and trauma that would further be exacerbated by the presence of a male bodyworker. I saw the need for the work and decided to offer it to women after practicing massage healing for 17 years. There are many male practitioners who offer yoni massage and for some women this is acceptable while others feel more safe with a woman. I am here for her.

Yoni Massage - Receiving a yoni massage from a woman has several benefits including confidence that you are stepping into a safe healing space. It also can help to stregthen trust within yourself. 
Other benefits include connecting to your own personal bliss and pleasure without the pressure of performance. The massage is for your personal exspansion. I recommend yoni massage for women who have a hard time connecting to their sensuality in an empowering way, those women who have only experienced their sensual selves in relation to others. This massage is all about claiming your personal space and giving yourself permission to be in your body.

If you have never experienced intimacy from a deep desire to share yourself and give to your partner with joy, well you maybe having sex but you are not making love. Your are not connected to your body, which means you are not connecting to your partner. You are JUST being penetrated! You are not experiencing the fullness of your bliss. You are not tapping into the magic of being a woman.Yoni massage can help guide you to your bliss, help connect you to your body! 

Sacred Sex Education is the integration of sex and spirituality. It’s an ancient practice derived from times when society revered and honored nature and her cycles as well as female divinity and mother worship. This is a foreign concept today because our society is deeply steeped in patriarchy, reverence of men as the head of family and the center of divinity. Patriarchy has also taught us to house sex and sensuality outside of ourselves as only a practice used for procreation and pleasure within the institution of marriage. 

Sex is sacred when we acknowledge the divinity in ourselves and our partners and when we engage in the act with deliberate intention to connect and communicate. Sex takes us beyond words. Sexual energy is spiritual energy, is creative energy and thus can be used to heal. 

Sacred sex education seeks to reinform and shift the perspective of sex from one tied to shame, guilt, taboo, and perversion to one that includes sex as an act of love, the embrace of pleasure, and a celebration of self. These are fundamental attributes of a joyus, abundant life - the ingredients to heaven on earth. Sex is the way we all came to the planet. It is the most natural act known to humanity yet the act of which we is most misunderstood.