Chi Vitalizer

The Chi Vitalizer is a perfect union of eastern and western medicine as it’s a simple and effective way to relieve back pain, increase your flexibility, and strengthen your immune system. Along with numerous benefits, the Chi Vitalizer specializes in lymphatic health and rejuvenation.

Key Benefits

Just one 5-minute session with the Chi Vitalizer “miracle machine” will:

  • Rejuvenate your body
  • Provide an all-natural surge of healthy energy
  • Relieve chronic, nagging back pain
  • Flush harmful toxins from your body
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Increase blood and oxygen circulation
  • Leave you feeling strong and limber
  • Eases tension in your spine and nervous system, so you get healthier and your physiological function improves
  • Boosts fat-burning by increasing your metabolism–5 minutes of using the Chi Health Device increases your blood and lymph flow as much as a half-hour walk!
  • Improves your athletic performance
  • Gives your muscles a soothing massage
  • Pushes out toxins that have built up in your system during the day
  • Provides relief from back pain, muscle pain and nerve pain by stimulating your sympathetic nervous system, spinal cord and vertebrae
  • Pumps up your energy levels, rejuvenates you and speeds cell repair by increasing oxygen flow to your cells
  • Helps your body to better resist infection, restore damaged cells, improve your metabolic efficiency, and relax easier by stimulating blood flow and promoting good circulation

After just a few moments with the Chi Vitalizer, you’ll feel your muscles relax as it works its magic. You’ll be breathing deeper and you’ll notice the tension vanishing with each breath. And, as you continue, you’ll feel the energy moving up your spine as blockages are removed and the proper circulation of your chi (energy) and lymph is restored.

How does it work?

To use the Chi Vitalizer, you first lay flat on your back with your arms beside you, palms facing up. You then place your ankles in the soft, padded ankle cups. When you turn the machine on, the Chi Vitalizer will slowly move your legs in an elliptical figure eight pattern. The basic motion of the Chi Vitalizer was first devised by Dr. Inoue Shizuo. After observing the motion of fish when they swim, he wondered if a similar motion would provide healing benefits to humans.

10 Ways the Chi Vitalizer Will Improve Your Health

1. Supports proper spine function The Chi Vitalizer will help realign your spine, relax the muscles throughout your back, and increase the blood flow and oxygen supply to the spinal column. This means you’ll experience fewer back aches and pains, less stiffness, and increased mobility.

2. Boosts metabolism Since the Chi Vitalizer engages your body in passive aerobic exercise; you’ll experience an increase in metabolism. In fact, just 5 minutes has the effect of a 30-minute walk. Some people report immediate weight loss once they start using their Chi Vitalizer.

3. Flushes toxins out of your body your lymphatic system is responsible for defending the body against disease. Parts of the lymphatic system extend into nearly every organ of your body. When there’s a blockage of lymph, your immune system will suffer and you’ll experience an increase in sickness. The movement generated by the Chi Vitalizer increases circulation throughout your entire body, removes lymph blockages, and flushes toxins which means you won’t get sick as often as you do now.

4. Increases energy because the Chi Vitalizer boosts your metabolism and flushes toxins out of your body, you’ll feel far more energized as you go about completing your daily tasks. Instead of that all-too-common sluggish feeling, you’ll be full of pep and vigor.

5. Restores flexibility. The unique elliptical movement of the Chi Vitalizer exercises and stretches your leg and back muscles, restoring flexibility to the core of your body where you’ll notice a significant increase in your range of motion.

6. Promotes better sleep. Poor sleep is often a result of spinal misalignment fix it and the quality of your sleep will improve immediately. The Chi Vitalizer will align your spine and relax your back muscles so you sleep deeper and longer.

7. Prevents cardiovascular disease Lack of exercise is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, the Chi Vitalizer lets you engage in passive aerobic exercise that increases circulation and heals arteries without putting undue stress on the heart. (And if you’re pressed for time, you can’t beat the cardiovascular benefits you’ll get from just two 5-minute sessions each day!)

8. Oxygenates the body. Because of increased blood circulation, your body will carry more oxygen into and throughout your body. Oxygen is extremely important for the proper functioning of organs and is essential for feeling energized. (An oxygen deficiency will make you feel tired and sluggish, but sufficient oxygen will make you feel alert and energetic.)

9. Lowers blood pressure. Because the Chi Vitalizer increases circulation and promotes proper blood flow, many users experience a decline in blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, then the Chi Vitalizer may be just the thing for you.

10. Reduces stress levels. The physical benefits of using the Chi Vitalizer also carry over to your emotional health. As your body heals itself, you’ll feel more at peace more relaxed and far less stressed, all due to your body’s newfound health and ability to deal with negative emotions.